Looking forward, doing what you want

I'm sick of pleasing other people and trying to get peoples attention who really don't give a dam so why should I?. So onwards and upwards time to concentrate on what Important, and I'm going to focus on my goal and get somewhere and make myself happy. You really don't need anyone else It's made me stronger being on my own and I've left all those things that messed with my head behind
sometimes you have to cut a piece of yourself off in order to grow!

Moment Of Reflection

Some times life is going to knock you down there isn't always friends and family around, so you have to find the strength in yourself to get back up and dust yourself off. Hold your head high and do what's best for you. Spending your life trying to please others is not going to work, life's short and special so you need to do what makes you feel good and what makes you happy. Right now I'm looking back at my life and the years upon years that I have spent pleasing other people and I feel empty It has not given me anything.....